Xone:4D is a unique DJ workstation combining a high quality analogue DJ mixer with extended software controller functionality. The 20-channel USB2 soundcard provides multiple routing options, enabling vast capabilities for live recording, sampling and playback. For the DJ who requires extended MIDI control of up to 4 software decks simultaneously, 4D is a luxurious hybrid controller to elevate your performance.

Allen and Heath 4D



    • 4 multi-input stereo channels
    • Switchable phono or line input stages, RIAA preamps on 3 channels
    • Soundcard output routing switches for each channel
    • 3-band total kill EQ +6dB to off
    • 2 FX sends, FX1 with pre/post selection
    • 2 analogue VCF filters – low, band & high-pass, resonance, frequency and ‘on’ switch
    • 2 stereo returns
    • BPM LED display
    • Headphone monitor (3.5mm and 1/4″ sockets) with mix/cue control
    • Assignable LFO editable waveform
    • Mic input on XLR with level control and 2-band EQ, routable directly to soundcard

    USB 2.0 Soundcard:

    • 20 channel 96 kHz/24-bit USB 2.0
    • PC and Mac drivers
    • 10 in/10 out (4 analogue + 1 digital stereo inputs and outputs)
    • Soundcard inputs fed from mic, FX1, FX2, main mix or stereo channels 1-4 pre or post fade

    MIDI Control:

    • Total of 227 mappable MIDI messages can be sent from select mixer controls
    • Shift mode function for double layer
    • Compatible with any software that has MIDI assignable functions
    • 105 MIDI controls, including dedicated MIDI sections containing:
    • 8x60mm linear faders
    • 16 detented rotary pots
    • 50 switches
    • 2 jog wheels
    • 8 illuminated push switches