The CVi-252 is a portable, full range, dual fifteen-inch quasi 3-way main loudspeaker system designed for live music and playback applications. The CVi-252 features two high power, cast frame, fifteen inch transducers with a 2.5 inch voice coil to handle the low and low/midrange frequencies and a 34mm PETP (polyethylene terephthalate) diaphragm compression driver mounted to a 80° H x 50° V hemi conical horn for smooth, accurate on and off axis high frequency performance. Advanced crossover network designs are employed for coherent cross-band summation throughout the coverage pattern.

Cerwin Vega CVI252

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    • Model - CVi-252
    • System Configuration - Quasi 3-Way main
    • Connections - 2 ea.—¼" Phone Jack and Neutrik Speakon
    • Low Frequency System - Dual Reflex loaded 15" transducer
    • High Frequency System - 1 inch exit 80° H x 50° V
    • Enclosure Type - Vented, trapezoid
    • Enclosure Structure - 18mm OSB, internal bracing
    • External Covering - Black polypropylene fiber
    • Grille Material - 18 gauge black powder coated steel

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