Pioneer CDJ2000 nexus


    This unit is the first in the industry to support both Wi-Fi (wireless) and USB (wired) connection with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). With either type of connection, tracks on a mobile device on which the mobile version of the "rekordbox" music management software is installed can be used for DJ performances.

    The greatest feature is that the newly developed mobile version of the "rekordbox" music management software can be used for DJ performances. In addition, a number of functions for professional DJs and clubs have been added.

    This unit’s main features
    1) DJ performances can be held using tracks on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).
    2) This unit is equipped with the “Beat Sync” function for synchronizing the tracks’ beats instantaneously.
    3) This unit is equipped with the “Traffic Light” function for easily finding tracks with keys that have a good affinity with the key of the currently playing track.
    4) This unit is equipped with the “Wave Zoom” function for enlarging the tracks’ waveform display.
    5) This unit is equipped with the “Beat Count” function for displaying the number of beats to a set point.
    6) This unit is equipped with the “Phase Meter” function for displaying the tracks’ beats and measures.
    7) This unit is equipped with the “Slip” function for arranging tracks boldly without changing the development of the original track.
    8) This unit is equipped with the “Quantize” function for automatically correcting when the timing of an operation is off the track’s beat.
    9) This unit is equipped with the “My Settings” function for reflecting your own customized settings immediately on this unit.
    10) This unit is equipped with a master tempo function allowing faithful playback of the original sound, even in the wide range.
    11) MIDI/HID control of DJ software is possible.

    This unit is the successor of the CDJ-2000. While carrying over the basic functions and operability of the CDJ-2000, this unit is a further evolved model, with an improved track selection GUI allowing tracks to be found more intuitively, improved visibility of the needle search pad in dark places and improved master tempo sound quality. Furthermore, it is equipped with new functions for more aggressive DJ performances, including “Beat Sync” for automatically synchronizing the beats and tempos of the tracks you are mixing, the “Wave Zoom” display allowing you to see the development of tracks in more detail, and “Slip” for highly original performances without breaking the rhythm of the original track.

    While carrying over the audio circuitry of the CDJ-2000, this unit uses an AC inlet of the type with a large surface of contact with the power cable, reducing contact resistance and improving vibration resistance to provide stable, powerful support even in the high volume conditions of DJ booths. Furthermore, the Wolfson high performance D/A converter’s clock has been given improved precision to reduce jitter to approximately 1/4, a high sound quality operational amplifier is used and measures have been taken to reduce digital noise in the audio power supply. This way, the original sound is reproduced faithfully to achieve clear, powerful club sound.

    See the rekordbox support site.

    With either method of connection, rekordbox (iOS/Android) installed on the mobile device can be used for DJ performances using the tracks on the mobile device.

    The file formats that can be played differ according to the operating system of the terminal you are using.

    For iOS:
    MP3 and AAC

    For Android:
    MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF
    (For WAV and AIFF files, however, only 16-bit files are supported.)