Introducing the Rane TTM57mkII for Serato DJ. Sporting many familiar aspects of its predecessor, the Rane TTM57mkII brings back its nostalgic and super functional look while encompassing more creative power. Supporting the use of Serato NoiseMap™ Control Vinyl/CD in Serato DJ, the TTM57mkII is a classic reborn and is the ultimate solution for all realms of DJing, from the bedroom to the club.

The TTM57mkII stays true to its original design by supporting familiar workflow while improving performance and software integration.

Rane TTM57 MK2

  • Hardware Features

    • Plug-and-Play with Serato DJ
    • Inputs for a combination of digital and analog sources
    • Dual USB port for easy DJ handover and back to back sets
    • 8 Performance Pads with corresponding RGB lighting for control of Serato DJ Cue Points and the SP-6 Sample player
    • Optimized Joy Stick Functionality
    • Serato DJ FX Control
    • Auto Loop & Loop Roll Control
    • Library Control for each deck

    Serato DJ Features

    • Serato Flip Expansion pack
    • FX Expansion Packs to Activate/Purchase in-app
    • FX, powered by iZotope
    • Single and Multi FX modes
    • Beat Jump
    • Pitch 'n Time DJ Expansion pack
    • 2 deck control
    • Slip Mode
    • Active Deck Select
    • Recording
    • Quantise mode
    • MIDI Mapping with MIDI panel
    • SP-6 with Sync / Simple and advanced modes
    • Up to 8 cue points
    • Manual loops with 8 saved loop slots
    • Auto loops and loop rolls
    • Cycle through the DJ-FX, Recording and SP-6 panels by using the panel select
    • Smart and Simple sync
    • 4 Performance view modes
    • Autoplay
    • Beatgrid detection and Beatgrid editor
    • Serato Remote compatibility
    • Serato Video compatibility
    • track support